How do you see Greece’s role in the Balkans? Stability in the Balkans is an issue of vital importance for all Europeans. As a regional power, both political and economic, an active role for Greece is necessary for our joint success. It is precisely because we, French and Greeks, desire this stability that we have committed both our countries to the international security force (KFOR) in Kosovo and will do so again in the EULEX mission. The best way to establish peace in the Western Bal-kans is to offer them, convincingly and wholeheartedly, a real future in Europe. That particularly applies to Serbia. On that issue also, Greece’s involvement will be decisive because its voice is carefully listened to in the region. Why did you support Greece (at the NATO summit) in its dispute with FYROM? With regard to the name of FYROM, France will continue to show Greece its solidarity. I supported Greece’s position at the last NATO summit because I believe that in an alliance, relations must be based on trust and because the Greek position is responsible and open to dialogue. I would like the talks on this issue to progress. It is an important issue because it will make way for (FYROM’s) accession to NATO and the European Union. It is what we all want.