Security of Europe’s energy supplies

As energy reserves are being depleted and prices continue to rise, there is much skepticism regarding dependence on any one country. Some states have praised the benefits of nuclear energy. What is your view, given that France meets 80 percent of its energy requirements via nuclear power? The energy question is of vital importance to Europe. A comprehensive global approach and response is necessary. Yet we also need to ensure a diversity of supply sources. We must have at our disposal a number of energy sources that will guarantee both dependability of supply and at a price that consumers can bear, while heeding the increasing concern for the environment within the framework of sustainable development. Diversifying energy sources is therefore part and parcel of ensuring Europe’s energy independence. So, apart from hydrocarbons and renewable sources of energy, for us nuclear energy is a part of the answer; it is not affected by fluctuations in oil prices and it contributes to the fight against climate change, as it does not produce carbon dioxide. Technology has evolved. For example, it is now possible to build reactors that are resistant to earthquakes, such as in Japan. Of course, each country has to choose its own approach and I am not about to become involved in the debate that is developing within Greece.