Top industrialist gets abducted

Police yesterday intensified inspections at border crossings and airports following the abduction by three gunmen of a prominent industrialist from his Thessaloniki home. Giorgos Mylonas, 49, the president of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (SVVE) and the chief executive of the aluminium firm Alumil, was kidnapped from outside his home late on Monday night by three unidentified assailants who threw him into the back of his own car and drove off. Mylonas’s wife had been with him at the time of the abduction but was not hurt. She told police that the couple had just returned from a function when the gunmen dragged her out of the car before driving off with her husband. Police said Mylonas’s car was found in the parking lot of a local supermarket along with his cell phone, wristwatch and a ransom note. It is thought that Mylonas had been transferred to another car. The requested ransom sum had not been made public by late yesterday. Mylonas’s wife said she received a call later that night and was told that her husband was well, while she was also informed of the location of the abandoned car where the note had been left. According to police, the kidnappers were «Greek professionals aiming to secure a ransom.» Officers believe the gang was very well organized and had probably been observing Mylonas’s daily schedule for some time in order to ensure their plan would go off without a hitch. Forensic experts are examining fingerprints and hair found in Mylonas’s car in the hope of determining the identity of the kidnappers.