FYROM leader urges concession

The president of the the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) yesterday suggested that his country adopt a more flexible approach to talks on the Macedonia name dispute with Greece but insisted that his country would not budge on issues of language and national identity. «Macedonia must reassess its stance on the dual name formula and make some kind of concession if it wants to pursue its bid for Euro-Atlantic accession,» Branko Crvenkovski. Crvenkovski referred to a «new reality» in the Balkan region that demanded concessions, noting that «only the legal representatives of both sides can decide on the extent and substance of these concessions.» But FYROM’s president stressed that Skopje would not accept any change to its language and national identity – «the foundation pillars of any nation.» United Nations mediator Matthew Nimetz is due to visit Athens and Skopje by the end of next week for talks with government representatives. Washington is pressing for a settlement by early next month.