Irate policeman in car chase after family row

A policeman who provoked a huge car chase on the Athens-Lamia national highway on Saturday after stealing a police patrol car, following alleged threats to kill his wife’s sister, was yesterday in detention. The officer had set out for Athens from Karditsa, in central Greece, at lunchtime on Saturday after a fight with his wife, and had allegedly telephoned his sister-in-law to say he was coming to kill her. Reaching a police blockade at the Afidnes tollbooth, north of Athens, the suspect grabbed an empty patrol car, whose keys were in the ignition, and drove off in the direction from which he had come. He sped off with several police cars, and helicopters, in pursuit. But after a few kilometers, he turned around and headed toward Athens. He was arrested on the outskirts of the city. Both he and the policeman who had left his keys in the squad car’s ignition are to be suspended.