Smart cards, electronic tolls on the Attiki Odos

As of yesterday, drivers using the Attiki Odos no longer have to comply with the demand for the exact price of the tolls, since they can now use a smart card. In early June, the tollbooths will go electronic and drivers who have fitted their vehicles with a special radio transmitter will be able to use a special lane. The smart toll card The card is on sale at toll stations for 30 euros, and toll workers deduct the price of the toll from the card with each use. When the tollbooths are unstaffed, as they usually are at night, drivers can swipe the card through a machine at the toll gate. Transmitters for the electronic tolls will be free at first, with a fixed monthly charge of just three euros. The present toll charge is one euro, which is expected to rise by 20 percent in early July, with the fee expected to rise to 1.20 euros. Vassilis Halkias, managing director of the Attiki Odos maintenance company, told Kathimerini that when the new system goes into place in June, drivers will be able to pay in cash, by card or electronically through a transmitter. New access and exit points Several new access on-ramps to the Attiki Odos were opened in May: at the Kantzas interchange, in the direction of the airport and Athens; and at the Paeania interchange, in both directions. The corresponding exit points were completed some months ago. The Hymettus, Pallini and Gerakas tollgates have all have been upgraded. All tollgates have been equipped to accept payment by smart card and the special transmitters, but there will be a short period of adaptation to the electronic system. This will be the first application of the system, not just on the Attiki Odos, but on Greek roads in general. Culture clash