Migrants kept in dirty center

Hundreds of would-be migrants, chiefly from Afghani-stan, are living in cramped and squalid conditions in a reception center on Lesvos with many suffering from serious diseases, according to representatives of French charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) dispatched to help out on the island. Some 800 migrants are living in a space designed to accommodate 400, according to aid workers who say they are only allowed outside for half an hour every couple of days. «They do not have adequate access to showers and toilets,» said MSF local project leader Giorgos Karayiannis, who added that one ward offers only one toilet for more than 100 people. «They are usually kept locked up,» he said. Some of the migrants are suffering from tuberculosis and skin diseases and have to wait to be seen by the one on-site doctor, according to Karayiannis, who said the risk of contagion was high. «There is not enough staff to meet the demands of the center,» he said.