Good sex, with wrong partner

While Greek men seek the perfect 10 in terms of beauty in their partner, their female compatriots are making more complex calculations, looking also at their potential husband’s finances, education, personality and professional achievements, a recent study found. Nevertheless, the Hellenic Sexological Institute found that in most cases, both sexes find that their partner does not match their ideal, suggesting that the ideals are unrelated to reality and are a source of confusion. But married couples appear to enjoy a good sex life, showing more imagination than unmarried ones, with only 28.7 percent of the former saying there were sexual activities they would like to experience but did not dare, as opposed to 48.3 percent of unmarried couples. Also, 68 percent said they had no sexual problems with their partners. Asked whether their partners matched their ideal, 18.5 percent of the total said «no» and 42.3 percent said «not exactly.» But 44.9 percent of women said «yes,» as opposed to 32.9 percent of men. The results of the survey, conducted among 486 Greeks aged between 18 and 56, were released yesterday.