Drug suspect killed in chase

A 37-year-old Greek, who had been due to collect 4.5 kilos of cocaine from a Bulgarian middle-man, was shot dead during a police chase through the coastal suburb of Voula early yesterday, officers said. Police traced the suspected dealer after arresting the 40-year-old Bulgarian national who reported his luggage to be missing after arriving at Athens International Airport. Subsequent enquiries revealed that authorities in Romania had retained the Bulgarian’s bag after finding it contained 4.5 kilos of cocaine. The 40-year-old had flown to Athens from the Romanian capital. With the Bulgarian’s cooperation, Greek police set up an ambush for the Greek dealer in Voula early yesterday. When the Greek arrived on the scene for the scheduled handover he spotted the police and sped off. A car chase ensued during which an officer fired at the suspect’s car, smashing the back window and fatally injuring the fugitive.