Family killed in road crash

A four-member family, including two infants, died in a road accident on the island of Serifos late Monday night, while another four people were killed in a crash on the Maliakos Gulf stretch of road in central Greece yesterday, less than 24 hours after traffic police expressed concern about a sudden rise in the number of fatal accidents. On Serifos, a 42-year-old motorist lost control of his vehicle which veered off the road into a 5-meter ditch. He, his 36-year-old wife and their two children, aged 3 years and 6 weeks, were killed instantly. A few hours later, a head-on collision between two cars near the Thermopyles junction of the Maliakos Gulf stretch of the Athens-Thessaloniki highway caused the deaths of four people. The driver of one of the cars and two passengers were killed instantly. Another passenger died in the hospital later, while a fourth passenger was in critical condition.