Mayor sees no change to law on Plaka bars

Athens Mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis yesterday played down reports that a change in the law could lead to more bars and restaurants operating in Athens’s historic Plaka district. It emerged earlier this month that the Public Works and Environment Ministry was considering a change to the law which presently only allows establishments to operate on the ground floors of buildings. Kaklamanis said he is «not aware» of any new draft laws and said that he was «surprised» by the complaints of the local residents committee. «The agreeable coexistence of tradition and that which does not threaten tradition is the only answer to these fears, which I wish to believe are well-intentioned,» said the mayor. «I hope those concerned are not the same individuals who have already built swimming pools or proceeded with other alterations to their luxury homes and do not expect decisions that will transform Plaka into private property.»