Driving test set for overhaul

The way that learner drivers obtain their licenses and vehicles pass the KTEO roadworthiness test are set to become much more transparent, according to Transport Minister Costis Hatzidakis. He said that both processes would be overhauled by the end of year, after holding a meeting yesterday with the Greek chapter of Transparency International. The corruption watchdog informed the minister that its research found that the going rate for learner drivers to bribe examiners in order to get a license without passing any test is 300 euros. Similarly, the payment required for a car to pass the KTEO test, regardless of whether it is safe to travel on the road, is 150 euros, added Transparency International. Learner drivers are required to take a minimum of 21 theory and 20 driving lessons, which means that the cost of obtaining a license reaches 1,000 euros. Hatzidakis did not indicate what changes would be introduced to protect the driving test from further corrupt practices.