Albanian petrol tank heroin gang caught

Wrapping up an operation that saw drug squad officers seize over 27 kilos of heroin from Albanian smuggling gangs at the Kakavia border crossing this week, police in the Peloponnese yesterday arrested another four Albanian gang members who were allegedly to distribute the drug around Greece. Detectives got Jonalin Pistia, 27, whom they arrested on Thursday driving a car with 14.7 kilos of heroin in its petrol tank through the Kakavia crossing in northwestern Greece, to arrange a meeting with his accomplices in the northern Peloponnesian town of Corinth. Arben Zeneti, 30, Estref Dervisai, 27, Marsela Batraktari, 22, and Bardul Murselai, 37 came to the rendezvous and were promptly arrested. Another two Albanians had been arrested on Wednesday trying to enter Greece with 12 kilos of heroin in their car’s petrol tank. The modern hypocrites and Pharisees got what they wanted – and then attacked our newspaper. But they disregarded one simple fact: Newspapers exist in order to make disclosures, raise issues and inform people, with respect for the principles of science and investigation, and without taboos or prejudice. So, on what grounds did our critics argue that the report should have been kept secret, when it has been presented and the measures it proposed have been evaluated?