Busy young Greeks turning to junk food

Students and young employees say they increasingly rely on fast food due to excessive hours at their desks, a new study has shown. According to a poll conducted by the research and educational institute IEK Domi on a sample of Greeks aged 18 to 29, more than half (52 percent) claim to have changed their eating habits over the past three years, with a third (36 percent) saying they often opt for convenience food. Half (45 percent) said they eat fast food up to five times a week. As for the reasons behind the unhealthy shift in eating habits, 40 percent blamed their working hours or studies. Asked to describe the Mediterranean diet, half (48 percent) could not, while 21 percent said they believed «healthy eating» was all about moderation. But the majority (72 percent) said they wanted to learn more about what constitutes a healthy diet.