Missing Nigerian team seeks to score in Greece

SKOPJE (Reuters) – The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) has deported 11 Nigerian youth soccer players to Turkey and is still looking for nine more after they went missing from a training camp, officials said yesterday. The under-18 squad arrived in the town of Ohrid from Istanbul last Friday to prepare for a friendly match on Monday. Zarko Ignjatovski from the FYROM Football Union said the players went shopping and sightseeing on Saturday in the town of Bitola and did not return to their bus two hours later as arranged. Ignjatovski said 11 of the Nigerians had tried to enter Greece but were turned back. They were deported to Turkey on Sunday. «They said the situation in their country was miserable and they wanted to find jobs in Greece and have fun with girls,» a police officer said. One of the best places to start looking for potential schools is the Education Ministry’s list of foreign and mixed-curriculum schools in Greece.