Patients at mercy of ‘unassessed’ doctors

Greeks might be taking a gamble entrusting themselves to one of the country’s 63,000 practicing doctors, due to the lack of any effective system for assessing their capabilities, research by Kathimerini has shown. Doctors joining state hospitals are assessed by an expert committee but many medics call this process a sham. One spoke of «a parody of evaluation,» saying most new arrivals are given 10 out of 10. Christodoulos Stefanadis, head of the Athens Medical School, wants reassessment every five to 10 years as is the case in France and the USA. A key concern is that Greece’s lax system fuels dangerous incompetence. The most recent case to come to light is that of an alleged fraudster who ran the Ippocrateio Hospital’s heart clinic for years with forged qualifications and despite a high rate of patient mortality.