End of road for gang that stole millions

A gang that carried out at least six armed robberies on banks, post offices and businesses in Athens and stole between 2 and 3 million euros over the last year has been caught, police said yesterday. Four Georgian nationals, aged 21 to 33, and a 30-year-old Greek have been arrested. Officers are still looking for the alleged ringleader, a Greek who is thought to be in Russia, as well as seven other suspects. The gang, often disguised as policemen, went after big targets and its biggest hauls were during a raid on a cigarette wholesaler in Koropi, east of Athens, last November, when they came away with 725,650 in cash and one on a security van that yielded 730,000 euros in April. Officers found an automatic weapon, several handguns, a police uniform and two stolen motorcycles when they raided the men’s homes.