In Brief


FM says Athens will not budge from ‘consistent position’ Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis said yesterday that Greece will continue to have «a consistent position» in its negotiations with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on the name issue, despite reports that Skopje and Washington have been engaging in «secret talks.» Bakoyannis said that Athens would continue to seek «a composite name with a geographical qualifier that will be used toward all.» Her statement came as European Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn indicated that FYROM is not yet ready to start EU talks. KYOTO PROTOCOL Greece to be allowed back in Greece looks set to be reinstated to the emissions-trading system of the Kyoto Protocol as a team of United Nations experts has found during a visit to Athens that the country’s measuring systems are up to scratch, sources said yesterday. Greece was suspended from taking part in the UN’s scheme in April after inspectors found that methods for testing pollution levels were inadequate. But it has emerged that in a report due next month, inspectors will say Greece is now in line with international standards. Student suit A Cypriot student violently beaten by a group of policemen during a Thessaloniki protest in November 2006 is suing the state for 1 million euros, court sources revealed yesterday. Avgoustinos Dimitriou, now 26, says he has been taking medication for depression since the attack. Last Thursday, three policemen out of the eight linked to the beating were temporarily suspended. Police probe The police force said yesterday that allegations implicating officers in strip searching an immigrant suspected of drug dealing in central Athens had not been substantiated. Police launched a probe into the alleged incident after a migrant rights group complained that officers had abused a migrant. A police spokesman said further investigation was needed. Tardy rescue A 35-year-old British woman, who fell into a rocky ravine in Argolida, in the Peloponnese, on Saturday and had to wait several hours to be rescued, was in serious condition in hospital yesterday. After the woman’s fall, her husband sought help. But calls to the coast guard went to an answering machine. By the time the coast guard arrived on the scene, the local fire service had managed to rescue the woman and take her to hospital. Kiosk attack The owner of a street kiosk in Aegaleo, western Athens, was in the hospital yesterday after being shot during a raid on his business by four assailants early yesterday. One of the robbers shot him in the leg during the raid, which netted some 6,500 euros, according to the victim.