Thirteen detained for snatching baby, mom

Police revealed yesterday that they arrested 13 people in central Greece on Wednesday after they allegedly forced their way into the home of a young couple and snatched a 24-year-old woman and her 3-month-old baby with the aim of selling the child. The head of Larissa police, Dimitris Tsioutsious, said the suspects were stopped at a roadblock after a 26-year-old man contacted authorities to tell them his wife and child had been taken from the couple’s home in the village of Deleria. Tsiotsious revealed that the suspects had been pressuring the couple for some time to sell their baby and had even forced them to move from their previous home in nearby Livantes. Officers found a range of weapons, including clubs and knives, in the three cars in which the suspects were traveling. Police said the couple and the suspects were foreigners but did not reveal their nationality.