Sailors nabbed in Venezuela

Two Greek seamen have been jailed in Venezuela after local coast guard officers found 100 kilos of cocaine hidden on the Astro Saturn bulk carrier, which was headed from the South American country to the USA. According to Skai TV and Radio, Venezuelan authorities arrested two of the six Greek sailors on board the ship. Two Venezuelans were also arrested. The two Greek seamen, the captain and the first mate of the Astro Saturn, have been remanded in custody. This has prompted the Greek shipping community to put pressure on the Foreign Ministry and the Merchant Marine Ministry to exert pressure on the Venezuelan government to release the men, which it considers innocent. Greece’s honorary consul in Maracaibo, Alexandros Hatzis, is trying to push for the two men, who have not been named, to be cleared of any charges. Some shipping companies have suggested a boycott of Venezuelan ports.