Environmentalists hit PM with e-mail blitz

The e-mail account of Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis has been flooded by more than 4,500 messages from citizens embracing an initiative by conservation group WWF Hellas aimed at spurring authorities to do their bit in fighting climate change. The e-mails comprise the following appeal: «Greece has the ability to reduce (carbon dioxide) emissions by 67 percent by 2050. The means are there. All that is needed is the political will. The climate is in your hands.» Next to the text is a photograph of the White Tower in Thessaloniki, Karamanlis’s home city, partially submerged in water. «This could be Thessaloniki in the middle of the century if we do not reverse climate change,» the caption says. In the e-mail, WWF also appeals to Karamanlis to support measures proposed at a United Nations climate change summit scheduled to begin in Poznan, Poland, next month.