Environment: Stern warning

British economist Sir Nicholas Stern warned yesterday during a visit to Athens that the problem of climate change is more dangerous than the current economic crisis. «We have the economic crisis, which is serious, but we also have a global environmental problem, which is more serious and more urgent,» he told Skai TV’s «Eco News.» «Confronting one does not mean ignoring the other. In fact, we can take measures that will tackle both problems.» In 2006 Stern produced a report for the British government on the impacts of global warming on the world economy. In his report, Stern suggested that 1 percent of global GDP would have to be invested annually to avoid climate change. Otherwise, it could lead to international growth being 20 percent lower. Sir Nicholas warned that Southeastern Europe risks turning into a desert in the next 100-150 years unless climate change is reversed. He said that the effects of global warming will be clear in 20 to 30 years unless action is taken.