Nightclub owner killed in mafia-type shooting

A 40-year-old businessman was shot dead and his 31-year-old singer girlfriend was injured early on Saturday in a gangland-style ambush in the coastal suburb of Voula. The police have attributed the attack to a settling of accounts by underworld figures with whom the victim is said to have had clashes in the past. Babis Lazaridis, the owner of a string of nightclubs in Attica, and Angeliki Iliadi had just left a hotel and had been getting into a car when they were approached by two assailants wearing motorcycle helmets, one of whom opened fire on Lazaridis with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, police said. An autopsy revealed at least 20 bullets in Lazaridis’s body. Iliadi was transferred to a hospital with leg injuries. A year ago, Lazaridis had been charged as a moral instigator in the attempted murder of a rival nightclub owner. In March this year, a bomb attack on a nightclub co-owned by Lazaridis caused damage, but no injuries.