Sniffer dogs thwart drug smugglers’ plans

Border guards at the Kipi customs post in Evros, northeastern Greece, were yesterday raising a glass to their sniffer dogs, which have helped them find almost 100 kilos of heroin in less than 48 hours. The latest drug seizure took place yesterday morning when the guards searched a car driven by a 50-year-old Italian man. Their sniffer dog, Spike, alerted them to the existence of a banned substance hidden in the vehicle. When the guards searched the car, they found 72 bundles containing 38 kilos of heroin stashed away in secret compartments. The find came just four hours after a sniffer dog called Diego helped the officers discover 58 kilos of heroin hidden in a car being driven by a Bulgarian couple. «Regular thorough searches of suspicious vehicles are bringing us repeated success and there is no chance of us letting up,» said the customs post chief Giorgos Antonakis.