Rape probe follows abduction in Filothei

Police in the northern Athens suburb of Filothei were on alert yesterday after a 22-year-old woman informed them of a harrowing ordeal she went through after being abducted while out for a walk with her boyfriend in a local wood. The unnamed woman had been in Filothei Woods, known as the «Alsos» to locals, on Monday night when two men wearing hoods allegedly threatened them with weapons. The assailants handcuffed the couple before bundling them into the woman’s car. They then abandoned the 28-year-old and returned to the park, where the woman claims her kidnappers mugged a group of four youths. They then drove her to a remote beach where one of the men allegedly raped her. The suspects abandoned their victim and her car near central Athens. Officers said that gangs of muggers are known to operate in Filothei Woods and they will be the focus of the police’s investigation.