Advice from EKAB

– Heat causes fatigue and slows down reflexes when driving. – Bright sunlight reduces drivers’ ability to see obstacles on the road. – High temperatures can result in slippery asphalt. – Alcohol must not be drunk before driving. – Always use a helmet on a motorbike or, if in a car, a seat belt and a child’s seat for children. – Children should wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, which should have reflectors and lights to the fore and rear. – Beware of works being carried out on roads and national highways. – Do not overload the car or motorcycle. – Food or alcoholic drinks must not be consumed before bathing. – No diving in unknown waters. – Beware of getting tired while swimming. – Alcohol must not be drunk on a boat. Vessels should be provided with life belts and flares and must not be overloaded. – Avoid maneuvers in areas where there are bathers, and watch out for spear fishermen. – Do not take seasickness pills on the boat if you have to drive later. – Beware of rusty slides, projecting screws, collapsing swings, seesaws and so forth in playgrounds, and of cement projections in places where children might suffer falls.