In Brief

Ambulance crash

Teen hurt while free running is one of five injured in accident Five people were injured early yesterday when an ambulance collided with a car in the Athens district of Peristeri. The ambulance had been carrying a 16-year-old student who had earlier hurt himself after falling from the second-floor of his school building while free running, a trend of urban acrobatics involving risky leaps from buildings. Two of his teachers were in the ambulance at the time of the crash. The 16-year-old and another four injured people were transferred to the Thriaseio Hospital where doctors said there was no danger of loss of life. FULL TO BRIM Rain has replenished reservoirs The substantial amount of rain that has fallen since the start of the year means that there is enough water to last Greek households for the next two years, the Athens Water Company (EYDAP) said yesterday. Just last December, the water levels in EYDAP’s reservoirs were at an eight-year low. But, since then, heavy rain has helped almost double the amount of water collected. At the end of April, there were 870 million cubic meters of water in the reservoirs. On your bike The Transport Ministry has signed a decision that will lead to the setting up of Greece’s first roadworthiness tests (KTEO) for the country’s 700,000 motorcycles and scooters. Sources said yesterday that the ministry is hoping that by next year several private centers will have been established where motorcycles will be subject to tests similar to those currently conducted on cars. Owners of bikes that are more than four years old will be the first to be called to undergo the tests. They will then have to visit the centers every two years. Vandals identified Police in Athens said yesterday that analysis of video footage had helped them to identify three of the people involved in a daytime vandalism spree in the upmarket district of Kolonaki in March that caused serious damage to stores and parked cars in the area. Officers examined footage of the incident that had been taken by cameras in Dexameni Square. Drug ring Police in Athens yesterday were questioning two Albanian nationals after finding a total of 92 kilos of cannabis and 2 kilos of heroin in their possession. Officers first arrested a 29-year-old man after a search of his home in Nea Ionia, north of Athens, turned up the heroin and 80 kilos of cannabis. A subsequent raid on the central Athens home of a 25-year-old compatriot unearthed another 12 kilos of cannabis. Bank raid A lone robber netted 12,000 euros yesterday morning after holding up a branch of ATEbank in the northern city of Serres. The robber, armed with a shotgun and wearing a motorcycle helmet, fled with the cash before police arrived on the scene. No one was injured. Contract killers Police said they have identified the killers of a 56-year-old man shot dead outside a patisserie in Nea Pendeli, a suburb northeast of Athens, in September 2008. The two men are convicts, jailed in Thessaloniki and Trikala, who are believed to have been contracted to kill the former Education Ministry employee. A third man believed to have paid the two convicts is being sought by police.