Condom non-use by category

Rudimentary health measures against sexually transmitted diseases are a luxury in an area where prostitutes are numerous and the pressure to make money impossible to withstand. While most prostitutes are aware of its necessity (99 percent of Greek and 90 percent of foreign women), foreign women especially tend to yield on condom use. Demands by clients for the non-use of condoms resulted in a slight drop in their use by Greek women (to 89.6 percent), a considerable drop in their use by foreign women (to 70 percent) and a huge drop, to below 40 percent, in three categories of prostitutes: – Albanian women, who are controlled by pimps who daily demand a fixed sum of money, which is both large and hard to amass. This considerably undercuts their negotiating power with clients. – Older prostitutes, who, due to their age, are not in a position to resist clients’ demands not to use condoms. – Heroin addicts, under pressure because of their drug dependence. According to the UN annual report on organized crime, about 50,000 women from Thailand alone have been inducted into prostitution in Japan.