PASOK maintains steady lead over ND

PASOK maintains a 3.5 percent lead over New Democracy with just four days left before Greeks vote in the European parliamentary elections, according to the latest Public Issue opinion poll for Kathimerini. In the sixth survey carried out by Public Issue since the start of the campaign, PASOK would garner 32 percent of the vote and ND 28.5, just as they did in the last one, which was published on Saturday. This will be good news for the Socialists, who saw their 6 percent lead almost halved between the fourth and fifth polls. The news was not so positive for the Green Ecologists, who saw their support slip from 8 percent to 6 as the Communist Party overtook them as the third-highest-ranked party with 6 percent support. The Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) garnered 6 percent and the Popular Orthodox Rally 5 percent. Despite bids by the ruling conservatives and PASOK to rally their grassroots support, mainly via aggressive attacks against each other, there is no sign that they have convinced any more of their supporters to back them once again. Less than 60 percent of ND backers say they will cast their ballot on Sunday, while support for PASOK from its grassroots is running at 67 percent, down more than 10 percent from two weeks ago. Government sources said that there is concern that the latest developments in the Siemens case could lead to more people not turning up to vote, which they believe would damage the conservatives. Instead, PASOK is hoping that the Siemens case might give voters an extra push in its direction. Speaking on Alpha TV last night, PASOK leader George Papandreou said that the handling of the investigation was «a tragedy.»