Farmers held for cruel attack on immigrants

Two farmers from Nea Manolada, a small town in the Peloponnesian prefecture of Ileia, faced a prosecutor yesterday after allegedly tying two Bangladeshi immigrants to the back of a motorcycle on Thursday and dragging them through a central square in a bid to punish them for a suspected theft. According to locals, who called police on witnessing the scene, the two suspects beat up the farm laborers after suspecting them of stealing sheep and goats from them. They are then alleged to have tied the migrants to the back of a motorcycle and driven through the square. Some locals intervened to stop the brutal spectacle and the migrants reportedly emerged with minor injuries. Speaking to Skai yesterday, Antonis Seretis, mayor of nearby Vouprasia, described the assault as «unacceptable and reproachable» but stressed that it was an «isolated incident.»