Exemption for smoking staff

Just five days before Greece introduces strict regulations cracking down on smoking in public spaces in line with European Union law, Health Minister Dimitris Avramo-poulos heralded some eleventh-hour exceptions regarding offices and casinos. According to the minister, all offices employing more than 50 people will have the right to maintain smoking rooms. Smaller enterprises with fewer than 50 workers will be obliged to ban smoking on their premises. The second exception refers to casinos, which will remain exempt from smoking restrictions for the time being until conditions are agreed to following talks with officials from the Economy and Tourism ministries. The minister noted that live music venues larger than 400 square meters will not have smoking rooms but a 2-meter glass «wall» separating smoking revelers from nonsmokers. As of July 1, citizens will be able to call the telephone number 1142 for clarifications about the new smoking restrictions.