Of natural living and the joy of chocolate

Human beings in this day and age are not made for the life they have managed to create for themselves. «People today do not use their muscles as they used to; they don’t run, dig or chop wood,» said Professor Eftychios Voridis. «And this causes the body to decay, not to mention the fact that we live longer. People over the age of 75 nowadays have the chance of living five or even 10 years longer. Well, they may do that, but they will also spend half of that time with doctors, in hospitals, as patients in surgery.» To preserve health, the professor advises, «Apart from being careful in our choice of parents, we need to imitate a natural life as much as possible, walk, run, weigh ourselves and take pleasurable substances in moderation. «Of course, people need forms of escape and pleasure, and we don’t know what effects they will have if they are deprived of them. For example, it’s been proved that chocolate is in some way a substitute for orgasm. That’s why you see many disappointed women indulging in chocolate and getting fat. If they didn’t have this satisfaction, wouldn’t they get depressed?» Publications, documentaries and even the Internet have become the vehicles of communication with millions of people who know the place without having visited it, making an ongoing acquaintance with the uninterrupted historical development of Greek culture and Orthodoxy.

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