IB inspectors come to Greece

Representatives of the International Baccalaureate (IB) are, according to sources, in Athens to examine allegations that a teacher at one of the 13 private schools where pupils sat the organization’s exams in order to obtain a diploma had sold the questions before the exams were held. Pupils at all the schools bar the one the teacher in question worked at have now received their test results. Some 1,000 Greek students took the IB test in May. «The investigation will continue until the circumstances in which the IB exams were put at risk have been cleared up,» deputy director general Ian Hill told Sunday’s Kathimerini. «IB reserves the right not to publish results if there is compelling evidence that the reliability of the exams was jeopardized.» IB sources told Kathimerini that the college implicated in the affair could have its license to teach the IB curriculum and allow its students to sit the exams revoked.