EYP planning crime crackdown

The burgeoning activities of organized crime rings, domestic terrorist groups and human traffickers, who contribute to a huge influx of illegal immigrants, are all coming under the microscope of the newly re-formed National Intelligence Service (EYP), according to sources that tell Kathimerini that authorities are intent on cracking down on all those who tolerate these illicit operations, irrespective of these individuals’ status or connections. Organized crime «has infiltrated entire sectors of social and financial life and will not leave the area of politics unscathed in the near future,» a high-ranking source said. According to this source, the chief aim of EYP – the recent restructuring of which included the appointment of a new director, Dimitris Papangelopoulos – will be to break up human trafficking rings and gangs dealing in drugs, weapons and prostitution. EYP’s ultimate aim is to stop the multimillion-euro turnover produced by these illicit activities from entering the market through money laundering of the type practiced by the so-called «Gang of 16,» which was broken up recently by police and whose alleged connections to prominent figures in politics caused widespread shock. In parallel with this crackdown on organized crime is an ongoing investigation into resurgent domestic terrorism, as the links between the two activities are believed to be strong. Papangelopoulos told Kathimerini that «hundreds of citizens have been corrupted by illicit trade rings… and this is a great threat to social cohesion.» He further noted that illegal immigration, and the traffickers that perpetuate it, is a crucial focus as it is «a matter of concern for all Greeks and must be addressed.» He stressed that authorities would «operate within the framework of the law and human rights» in tackling this problem.