In Brief


Society protecting lakes gets third European award The organization in charge of protecting the Prespes Lakes region in northern Greece was yesterday awarded a distinction by European Commission officials in Brussels for the success of its program for the protection of rare birds living in the area. According to conservation experts, the surface area of local fields inhabited by birds has tripled over the past seven years. The distinction is the third for the organization, which received an award in 1999 for its implementation of provisions in the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and in 2001, again from the European Commission. CHOPPY WATERS High-speed ferry damaged A high-speed ferry en route to Amorgos via Milos, Folegandros and Santorini was forced to stop off at Milos yesterday when choppy waters caused damage to the stern. Of the 362 passengers aboard the Superjet, 137 disembarked on Milos. The remaining passengers that had been due to continue their journeys were transferred to another vessel as the damaged Superjet was moored to undergo repairs. Condom warning The National Organization for Medicines (EOF) yesterday warned consumers to be wary when purchasing condoms manufactured by Durex as counterfeit versions of the contraceptive have appeared on the market. According to EOF, the counterfeit products come in packs of three condoms, many of which are believed to have holes. Consumers should avoid the packs of three whose external wording and instruction leaflets are in Hungarian and Croatian. Road fatality A 71-year-old motorist was killed instantly yesterday when his car veered off the road near the town of Koroni in Messinia and tumbled into a patch of farmland. Local police officials were investigating the cause of the accident. Kalamata burglar Police in Kalamata, southern Greece, yesterday detained a 27-year-old Albanian national believed to be behind six burglaries of apartments over the past six weeks. Officers are also probing the man’s suspected involvement in other robberies in the area. Counterfeit crackdown A team of special inspectors from the Economy Ministry yesterday confiscated thousands of counterfeit versions of designer label clothes and accessories from two enterprises based in Thessaloniki. On the premises of the first enterprise inspectors found, and subsequently confiscated, 1,260 items of counterfeit clothing and more than 46,000 forged labels bearing the logos of well-known fashion brands. More than 1,500 belts, 600 bags and 170 purses were confiscated from the premises of the second enterprise. According to sources, the first enterprise is believed to have been supplying several stores all around Greece with high-quality bootleg goods.