Number of swine flu cases surpasses 1,000

Almost 300 new cases of swine flu have been detected in Greece over the past week, taking the total number of people in the country who have contracted the potentially fatal virus to over 1,000, the Hellenic Center for Infectious Diseases Control (KEEL) said yesterday. However, it is estimated that the actual number of cases in Greece is much higher, because mild cases are no longer reported by authorities. Of the 1,002 confirmed cases, 435 are people who have traveled from another country or those who have come into contact with them. Almost half (460) of the cases have been reported in Attica, followed by 159 cases on Crete and 127 on the Ionian Islands. Swine flu has been responsible for more than 1,100 deaths worldwide, none of which have been in Greece, although three people here have been admitted to intensive-care units.