Delay in torched tourist case

The trial of a Greek woman accused of setting fire to a British tourist who allegedly made lewd advances toward her in a bar in the Malia resort of Crete was yesterday adjourned after the Briton returned to the UK in apparent fear for his safety. Marina Fanouraki, 26, is accused of throwing an alcoholic drink over 20-year-old Stuart Feltham in the Electra bar along the busy Malia strip, and then setting fire to him. Fanouraki denies setting Feltham, a plumber from Swindon in Wiltshire alight, but accepts that she threw her sambuca drink over him after he allegedly fondled her. The 26-year-old’s reaction has gained some support in Crete, where many locals are fed up with the behavior of some British tourists, and Feltham’s father suggested yesterday this was why his son, who suffered second-degree burns to his chest and stomach, flew back to England. «The local people are stirring things up so much,» said Ian Feltham. «She’s a martyr. I think it does cause a dangerous situation.» However, the plumber’s lawyer suggested his client returned home for other reasons. «I asked for the postponement of the case as Mr Feltham had to return home for medical issues and to gather more evidence with the help of his father,» said Giorgos Koundourakis. The trial has been postponed until August 17 but Koundourakis suggested that there could be a further delay so he can gather more witness statements. Feltham claims the attack was «completely unprovoked» and denies making any advances or speaking to Fanouraki before the incident. However, the 26-year-old yesterday decided to press charges of sexual assault, molestation and using insulting language against the British tourist. «Marina is the real victim of the attack and humiliation and she is the one who needs to have her honor restored,» said her lawyer Nikos Maniadakis.