Teen dies at friend’s burial

A 19-year-old woman collapsed and died following the funeral of a male friend of the same age yesterday, plunging the town of Polygyros in Halkidiki, northern Greece, into a state of shock. The woman, who was not named, had been attending the funeral of a local teenager who died on Monday, 24 hours after he fell into a large pothole with his motorcycle. The 19-year-old man, whose name was also not made public, was taken to a hospital in Thessaloniki but eventually succumbed to his injuries. At his funeral yesterday, his 19-year-old friend fainted and was taken to the town’s hospital where doctors were unable to revive her and declared her dead soon afterward. Coroner Nikos Vassiliadis said that his initial assessment of the cause of the woman’s death was «lung compression» but he added that the results of toxicology tests would shed more light on the matter.