Released mink go wild in northern Greece

Officials and residents of a town in northern Greece were yesterday still trying to round up about 6,000 mink that first appeared on Monday after animal rights campaigner apparently released them from two local fur farms. The runaway mink have been wreaking havoc in the community of Askio, near Kozani, as they have been attacking chickens and rabbits and foraging into residents’ homes. A four-year-old girl was bitten by one of the carnivorous mammals but did not suffer a serious injury. «These are dangerous predators that can kill even small sheep,» Mayor Vassilis Patras told Agence France Presse. «There will not be a single small animal left in the area if they’re not recaptured.» An organization calling itself Corvus Revengis (Crows of Revenge) is suspected of releasing the mink as it had claimed responsibility for a similar act last February.