Missing canoer’s body found at Evia islets

A 33-year-old math teacher who had been missing since Thursday when he set out from the town of Raches in Fthiotida, some 125 kilometers northeast of Athens, to canoe to the Lichadonisia islets in the northern Gulf of Evia, opposite the town of Kammena Vourla in central Greece, was found dead yesterday. The teacher, who was not named, had set out in a one-seat canoe on Thursday morning. He had made the trip to Lichadonisia several times before. The last contact the 33-year-old’s family had with him was the same afternoon when he called them from his mobile phone to let them know he had arrived at the islets and was about to return. Four coast guard patrol boats and six private vessels began looking for him on Friday. EMAK rescue workers joined the search on Saturday but the man’s body was found washed up on some rocks on the islets yesterday.