Pensioner kills son in drunken fit

A drunken pensioner in a village on Crete shot his married son dead on Saturday afternoon and wounded his daughter-in-law before surrendering to police after a brief siege of his house. Costas Sfakianakis, 68, who, according to his neighbors in the village of Asimi, near Iraklion in central Crete, was a cantankerous, quick-tempered man who had been on bad terms with his son Nikos, 36, and his daughter-in-law Maria, and frequently quarreled with them, went to the couple’s house around 6.30 on Saturday evening armed with a shotgun. Police sources say he was very drunk. Sfakianakis shot his son in the head, killing him instantly, and then fired at his daughter-in-law, seriously wounding her. The pensioner then went back home and barricaded himself in, preparing for a long standoff with the police. However, when a force of armed officers arrived, Sfakianakis soon gave himself up without firing his shotgun. Maria Sfakianaki was hospitalized at the Iraklion Venizeleio Hospital.