Six-year-old dies after eating souvlaki at fete

A 6-year-old boy died of suspected food poisoning yesterday a few hours after eating roast pork from a souvlaki stand at a religious fete in Mystras, in the Peloponnese. According to police, the boy’s parents rushed him to the nearest health clinic after he complained of experiencing severe nausea and stomach cramps. Doctors at the clinic said the boy died shortly after his arrival there. The exact cause of the boy’s death had not been confirmed by late yesterday but a coroner’s initial assessment was that food poisoning was to blame. Another 10 people who claimed to have eaten pork purchased from the same stall on Monday reportedly also suffered symptoms of food poisoning. Seven of them were taken to the hospital for treatment and released the same day. The owner of the stall was being questioned by a prosecutor in Sparta yesterday.