Disruption due on major road

Traffic delays on the Athens-Patra national highway can be expected over the next two-and-a-half years as sections of one of the country’s main road arteries are gradually upgraded at a cost of some 2.8 billion euros. Construction work on a tunnel between Patra and Rio will take about two years. Sections to be affected on the Corinth-Patra route are from the 187th to the 191st kilometer, at the 193rd kilometer and the 195th to 197th kilometer, where traffic is currently restricted to one lane in either direction during morning and afternoon hours until August of 2011, when the tunnel will be opened. About 100 of the 120 kilometers of the Corinth-Patra highway will eventually have two lanes, while the other 20 kilometers, three lanes. The highway will be served by a total of 10.3 kilometers of tunnels, 61 bridges, 13 new flyover intersections and 135 overpasses.