‘Molester’ offered teen girls cash and mobiles

A 60-year-old street-market worker from Nikaia, near Piraeus, was in detention yesterday, charged with the repeated sexual harassment of three adolescent girls, whom he is alleged to have plied with cash and cell phones. According to police, the suspect began making lewd advances toward the 15-year-old daughter of his live-in partner more than a year ago, offering her small amounts of cash each time. The 60-year-old is then alleged to have turned his attentions to two of the girl’s friends, both also aged 15. He is said to have offered the girls cell phones and cards containing cell-phone units in exchange for their attentions. Police did not determine the extent of the alleged sexual abuse of the three girls but there were no reports of rape charges being lodged. The 60-year-old had been sentenced to two years in jail for embezzlement in the past, police said.