Robber dead in shootout

A shootout between police and two suspected serial robbers in the coastal suburb of Neo Faliro early yesterday resulted in the death of one and the injury of the second, who escaped. Police set up an ambush early yesterday after locating a stolen motorcycle, believed to have been used by the pair in a raid last month, on a street corner in Neo Faliro. When the pair appeared to collect the bike and saw the police, they allegedly opened fire. Officers shot back, killing the 23-year-old and wounding the 22-year-old, who got away and was still at large late last night. Police identified the suspects as Albanians, both former convicts. Also yesterday, near Megalo Pefko in western Attica, two armed men were chased by police following a failed supermarket holdup. One suspect, who forced a motorist to drive him to a train station, was arrested. His accomplice was still at large last night.