Police hunt for fugitive thief who took hostage

Police in Thessaloniki yesterday were searching for a robber who held up a branch of Bank of Cyprus in the city center before forcing a female motorist at gunpoint to drive him to the outskirts of the city where he fled on foot. According to the young woman’s account, the robber stopped her at a set of traffic lights and forced her to drive for nearly an hour. When they had reached the suburb of Lagada, the gunman got out of the vehicle and fled. The woman, who was not harmed, drove a few kilometers to a nearby army barracks to seek help. Officers were last night scouring the northern city for signs of the young robber. In a separate development in Thessaloniki yesterday police detained a 43-year-old Albanian national who had escaped from an Athens detention center on Wednesday. The suspect fired a gun when police approached him in a coastal area near the city’s main port but caused no injuries.