Seized goods to go to charity

Thousands of items of clothing, bed linen and toys confiscated from illegal street traders in sweeps by municipal police officers are to be distributed to charity organizations, it was revealed yesterday. Until now, authorities have been obliged to destroy the majority of bootleg CDs and DVDs confiscated in police sweeps But other goods, chiefly clothing and toys, have been piling up in a special warehouse, according to Deputy Mayor Andreas Papadakis. A municipal police building off Athinas Street is now packed with goods that are being prepared for delivery to various charities, he said. As regards the crackdown on illegal street traders by municipal police, Papadakis said it was becoming tougher as traders are more organized and inform each other about impending sweeps. «I am not talking about destitute immigrants who lay out a few wares so they can make ends meet but those who control the illegal rackets,» he said.