Dog killed in failed street kiosk robbery

Police in Athens were yesterday seeking three robbers in connection with two separate raids, one that ended in the injury of a store employee and the other in the death of a dog. In the first incident, which occurred at 5.30 a.m. yesterday, a gunman threatened a street kiosk owner in the southern suburb of Moschato. The kiosk owner told police that he started shouting and throwing things at the gunman before his dog attacked the assailant. The would-be robber shot the dog dead before fleeing empty-handed. Another raid on a cell phone retailer in the district of Nea Smyrni at 5.30 p.m. resulted in one of the two robbers shooting into the air in warning. When the employee on duty refused to hand over the cash, the second robber shot him in the leg. The gunmen grabbed a bag, containing cell phone cards, and fled.