New tolls on city outskirts

Residents of northern Athens who use the Athens-Lamia national highway to conduct their daily commutes will be charged per kilometer from today, the company that manages the highway said yesterday, prompting concerns that this will lead to greater congestion on side roads. Nea Odos, responsible for the section of highway from Metamorphosi, in northern Athens, to the Maliakos Gulf in central Greece, said that a series of new toll booths will open and that drivers will be charged 0.037 euros per kilometer to use the road. The new tolls will be located at Kapandriti, Malakasa, Oinofyta, Thebes and Tragana. Tolls will also be introduced on slip roads in Varibombi and Aghios Stefanos. The toll station at Schimatari is being closed. It will cost drivers in the capital’s northern outskirts more than before to use a short section of the national road. It will cost 6.50 euros, as opposed to 5.50 euros previously, to travel on the full 175-kilometer stretch managed by Nea Odos.