Two terror suspects deny links to group

Two of the four young people detained as suspected members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, following a raid last week on the militant anarchist group’s suspected hideout, were remanded in custody yesterday after an investigating magistrate brought against them the additional charge of being members of a terrorist organization despite their insistence of having no knowledge about a string of bomb attacks. Myrto Panteloglou is alleged to have testified that she had no connection to the group and only visited the organization’s suspected hideout in Halandri to see Manolis Yiospas, another suspect, with whom she is romantically involved. Yiospas, for his part, reportedly also denied any connection to the group, claiming to have visited the apartment in Halandri, which is located below his own apartment, to see his cousin Harilaos Hatzimichelakis. Hatzimichelakis and Panayiotis Masouras, the fourth suspect detained in last week’s raid, are today to testify before the same investigating magistrate. According to sources, the key piece of evidence upon which the charges have been built are the homemade explosive device discovered at the Halandri hideout. The device is said to be virtually identical to the one used in last week’s bomb blast at the Kolonaki home of prominent main opposition PASOK deputy Louka Katseli and at the Palaio Faliro home of former Deputy Interior Minister Panayiotis Hinofotis in July. Meanwhile, police confirmed that a statement that had appeared on Katseli’s website earlier this week, describing the arrest of the four terror suspects as a «pre-election trick,» had been uploaded onto her site by hackers from a server based in the USA.